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Signs your herp collection might be getting out of hand!

  • You end up having to vacuum chicken feed out of your car. You don't have chickens. You bought it to feed the 2,500 crickets you keep in your garage.
  • You don't have room in your garage for your car because it is filled with crickets and and all the spare terrariums you might need some day.
  • You have a basking light over your sofa in the living room and you mist yourself several times a day.
  • You have to hide the mice in your freezer before your family comes to visit.
  • You are banned for life from using the refrigerator in the faculty lunchroom after someone finds mice in the freezer and they are traced back to you.
  • You get amphibian and reptile related gifts for your birthday.
  • Your students pool their money and buy you a pac man frog for your birthday.
  • You know the nutritional value of insects.
  • Your cell phone has frog calls as ring tones.
  • A friend says, "Every time a see a frog I think of you."
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