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Please support these businesses who support us. Let them know you found them via the Cal Herps web site. All these links open a new page. Close it to return to the Cal Herps site.

California Citrus Dragons

Bearded Dragons ~ Family operated
Located in sunny Southern California, we have breeding stock collected from the most colorful established bloodlines in the country. 
View available dragons, care information, and more

Helix Controls Precise temperature control for terrariums, heat panels, heat tape, and more - online shopping
Tropical Imports Fresh & saltwater fish, aquariums, and supplies; a selection of reptiles and amphibians and the supplies for keeping them; feeder insects and mice; they will special order items they don't routinely carry; tanks & terrariums built to your specifications
Zoo Med Browse the list of their products, herp care information, and more - find a retailer near you